Friday, January 2, 2009


I was going to do an "enlightened" type blog...BUT....all hell broke out in my house just now about doughnuts!!!! yes...5 kids can fight about doughnuts!!! even the self proclaimed "adult" of the bunch still fights about doughnuts!!

I mean really.....does it effing matter who eats what doughnut? is it that bad if OMG your little sister eats the same damn one that you are eating?! Seriously!!?? So I guess my question to you out there you fight over petty stupid ass things? do you look back and think omg we fought over that!?!?!

I have, I will admit...although I do admit it was not as stupid as eating the same kind of doughnut! but....close....My sister and I shared a room....and we would fight about got so bad that at one point she put tape down the middle of the room, and said "this side is mine and this side is yours!!! you cannot put your clothes in the closet because it is on my side of the room!! and you cant this or that,.....yada yada yada..." she was awful!! LOL BUT my revenge on her was this.....SHE put the tape down the middle of the room.....and the door to get out of the room was on my side of the room!!!!! So being the little shit that I was....I told her she had to climb out the window to get out of the room!!! so of course, she called out for MOM...but Mom seeing what was going on said only this....."Well you started it by putting the tape down the middle of the room and stating that your sister was not allowed at all to step one foot on YOUR side of the room!! so, in turn....YOU have to give her the same courtesy!!!" LMAO boy did that tape come up off the floor rather quickly!!!

So I guess this didn't turn out to be too much of a meaningless blog post....but my question to you your lifetime have you ever argued over the most stupid asinine things? and later when you were older and wiser looked back and wanted to smack your "younger self" upside the head and say "what were you thinking!?!?"


Moriah said...

LMAO! Sounds like my kids all the time. Our biggest stupid arguement is who gets the blue plate or the green plate or the different patterned cups. Like if you eat on a blue plate your food tastes better then if you eat off the orange plate? Or if you have a Dora plate versus a Diego plate people will think you are a girl.
Well, I honestly can't think of any stupid stuff my sister would fight about. I am sure there were a million. We did the room thing where we had sides, not too easy when the door was on her side...LOL


Minxy Mimi said...

OK, second try!
Jack and Max fight over those same stupid things.. OMG
I dont remember Jeannette's and my fights, altho I do remember breaking her Rubics cube in a hundred pieces (LOL! I am an 80's girl) and tearing a poster off her wall!!! But I knew young Wendi would do just what she did!!! Funny how well I "know" you!

Wendi said...

LOL mimi!!!

very true!! even when my sister was being a butt, I could put logic into the situation and it would always go my way!!! she didn't think things thru very well!! ha ha

~~gail~~mooselovingmamabear said...

Crack me up... I've been at staff meetings where adults fight over doughnuts... LOL

Moo said...

LMAO!!! Wendi I still have that now.. You should hear the people going off when there is no coffee made.. its insane