Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Celebrity Crushes

Do you have one? I do....OBVIOUSLY!!! LOL I mean look at him!!! and he is such a great actor and a great human being!!! he does what he wants when he wants, and does not conform to "hollywood" in fact he despises it!! I have seen everyone of his movies, some a little more disturbing than others, but I love his wide range of acting ability from the weirdness of Willy Wonka to Sands in Once upon a time in Mexico....or who could forget Gilbert Grape...

He just is a fantastic actor that happens to just make me drool!! I have no delusions of "marrying" this man....duh he is way out of my league, and I am already married, but man one could wish now couldn't they!!!

I also have another one, this is a sports one!!! LOL his little picture is at the bottom of the screen!! yes Brett Favre....mmmmmmm I love him to death!! from the time he came into the league all the way thru the bs with green bay and his playing with the jets....I just love his LOVE of football!!! he goes out with the sheer exuberance of a "kid" when playing...and to me that is the way football should be played!! not for the millions of dollars in a contract, but for the love of the game!!! these days I can think of a few players that are there just for the money and really do not give a flying flip about the fans or truly the game...they just do their best to win, so they can say "show me the money"....but not Brett, yes he plays to play.....and I just have to say...I love him for that alone!!!


Minxy Mimi said...

HAHAHAHA Wendi! Who could blame you for Johnny Depp.. OF COURSE you know you wont be marrying him... but its sure fun to drool and imagine, isnt it???

Toni said...
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Toni said...

Wait you mean my dreams of marrying, Edward Cullen, Bon Jovi, Gary Oldman and becoming a woman with multiple husbands are just that fantasies.

Oh man I never would have realized that. I really thought if I said I was Mrs. Jovi, Cullen, Oldman it meant it were real. Damn you Wendi for bursting my bubble.

It's really no different than saying you are going to marry Paul Walker or lusting over Leo Dicaprio those are called fantasies too.

Oh wait it's okay for some to fantasize but when others do it I guess it just makes them crazy.

Gosh what was that tangent was about?? Must be lack of sleep from working nights now. Hmm that will teach me not to type while tired.

Well on the bright side I never went so far as to make pictures of what my children with the actors I lust over would look like, that too me is taking it a little too far. But I don't think any sane person would take it to that level.

Gosh I really should stop typing now, I am a zombie so I am making no sense I guess LOL

Rosie said...

Hi there...
Johnny is my crush too... so nice on the eyes, and a brilliant artist, but the funny thing is if I met someone like him in real life... I'm be scared, very scared... it's just a bit to free for me... lol.

But he's a beautiful fantasy... lol

Jess @ NBP said...

Great post!! LOL

Jess @ NBP said...

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