Thursday, September 18, 2008

Most of you do not "GET" life in Alaska....



ok I get the bridge to no where...although....honestly I live 15 air miles south of where it was "going" to be built, and quite big as the island is the growth potential was huge...but anyway on to the next thing that has the NY times and others out there in the "lower 48" up in arms about us Alaskans.....

King Cove Alaska....they are on the Aleutian chain...the nearest airport is 25 miles away....K getting the picture yet? well, during out LOVELY winters here in Alaska Air travel by float plane is damn near impossible....Deadliest Catch anyone?!?! if you have watched that show you know damn well what I am talking about....well this small community wants to build a road to the nearest airport in Cold Bay....because gee with a road they could actually GET people out that need Medical help....because since 1979 11 people have died trying to get help by flying out of King Cove. BUT there is an editorial in the NY Times today

that ripped Alaska, King Cove and the states Representatives a new one because they dare to want to build a road that would actually help people!!! BUT I guess because it is only a little tiny town of JUST 800 they do not matter at all!! I mean really, its not like we are any where near the size of New York, or Texas or California....Wait....Population wise we are not, but by the shear size of our state, we could squash them like a bug!!! sorry, my inner Alaskan woman came out there for a second!!!

I guess my whole point to this blog is to show the couple of you that actually bother to read my blog that it is just not useless pork barrel spending....unless you call connecting people to the ability to fly out of an area that will give you a chance at life useless then I guess I am wrong....

I am no expert of this, and have never claimed to be, but to me this is just one place where those that do not live the Alaska Life just need to STFU and back the Eff off, and until you come here and life the Alaska Life YOU will NEVER know what it is like!! NEVER!!! so Mr. Reid if you do what the NY Times editorial writer asked you to do, then I say fine, go and sit in your warm and cozy home, and when it starts to snow outside in DC maybe in the back of your mind King Cove Alaska will pop into your minds eye, and you will wonder, just wonder if maybe the person that day who desperately needed medical attention made it out safely, or did the plane they were trying to get to Cold Bay on crash into the freezing cold ocean and they all died!!!???

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Me Me Time......

MEME today... LOL, since Mimi did not get to this until today...and she tagged me for this....

1.where were you 10 years ago?
same place same time!!! LOL although I was 2 kids lighter...and I was just about to pop with Madisyn....good lord she is almost 10!!!!

2.What is on today's to do list:
Laundry, cleaning, cooking....hmmm sound familiar anyone!!! LOL

3. What would you do if you were a billionaire?
Live life to its fullest!!! oh wait I do that anyway!!! other than pay off bills of ours and my parents and their houses and such....I would just live life about the same...I am a no frills kind of girl...take me as I am or just leave me the hell alone!!! ha ha I would travel the world though...because that has always been a dream of mine....

4. Name 5 places you have lived:

1.Metlakatla, Alaska
2. Anchorage, Alaska
3. LeRoy, New York
4. Pavilion, New York
5. Metlakatla, Alaska

yeah new york and Alaska is pretty much it...and I will take Alaska anyday!!!!!!!!!!!

5. Name 3 of your bad habits:
I tell it like it is. I drink coke!!! LOL, I eat junkfood!!!

6. What are your favorite snacks?
POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sweettarts and reeses peanut butter cups!!!

7. Who will you tag for this meme?

Aggie and

Monday, September 15, 2008

It boggles my mind......

I recently purchased a booster for my 5 year old since she has outgrown her current carseat. and upon reading the reviews there were some negative being the mom that I am I checked them out......................

Now mind you this booster is for OLDER kids, not for 2 year old kids....but all the negative reviews were from parents that purchased this seat for 2 year old kids!!! LOL and I am thinking ok, you purchased this seat for a toddler? it is a BOOSTER seat people!!! NOT for 2 year old toddlers!!! and even if you go to the website for this particular seat it says it is intended for OLDER children....that have outgrown their carseats!!! Last time I checked the average 2 year old does not fit the bill!!!

All of the positive reviews came from parents with age appropriate children.... you know the age that the seat was intended for....and they just rave about it.... so I guess my deal is..........if your going to purchase something like this for your child, shouldn't you as the parent at least make an effort to READ up on the AGE the product is intended for before purchasing it.....instead of wasting your money on the said product, and then write a negative review, that could have totally been avoided if you just did your homework....

ok rant over.....don't you just love my nonsense blogs....but hey...thats what my blog was intended for....just a place to get things off my chest and maybe feel better about things in the long run...LOL at least one can hope!!!

I guess I will never understand


or husbands. I guess men in a lot of ways....why is it so hard to be happy? why can you admit when you are not happy!?! why can you not own up to it? you just say "I never said I wasn't happy" but then all your actions, speak and such say it all too clearly!!! but you expect everyone to just accept that you are happy and go lucky and just plain over the moon....when you are clearly NOT.

I guess I just do not understand....they say men don't understand woman...well that works both dh and I do have a good marriage, but there are times when I just do not understand the work he is completely different.....seems personable, nice, pleasant, understanding and omg happy!!! BUT when he walks thru that door it is something completely different, he turns into the 'not happy guy' that we know and not love so much....the running joke (I know not mature at all) we have is "he gets paid to be concerned and nice at work, so thats why he does it!! LOL yeah that does not go over well, but at this point in time, honestly I am at a loss as to what to do with him....because he is a far cry from the man I married.....but I am not giving up on him don't get me wrong......I just want to know the inner workings of the male mind!!! not that that will help me in the least!!!

I just had to get this out, and that is what my blog was for, getting out the frustrations of living on an island in Alaska.....and this is a big frustration right now.......any ideas out there?

Friday, September 5, 2008

The republican vp candidate......

When I first heard that McCain picked Gov Palin, I was like OMG!!! Holy S**t!!! WOW!! McCain made a damn good choice!!! smart cookie that he is.... (well as you may have figured it...I like McCain) I was in total amazement that our gov was picked to be the VP for the republicans. I know she did a lot of good things in our state first and foremost she stepped up to the plate and pushed for an energy rebate for the resident's of Alaska to help with the high cost of heating oil here in the rural areas of the state, upwards of $9-$12 a gallon!!! yes you read that right people.... for a measly hundred gallons of heating oil it costs between 900 and 1200 dollars for just that amount.....and where it gets really really cold that lasts less than a month!!! with our natural resources here in Alaska and the surplus to our budget, she felt why not let every eligible Alaskan get money to help with their skyrocketing energy costs....if the big oil companies are making the money why not let the residents benefit!?! she fought long and hard for this, and it was finally passed on the last day of the session, just before the deadline....because she told them to find a way to make it work....and they did.....once she gets her nails into something especially for the people she does not back down....she knows what it is like to have to struggle to pay bills, and felt that it was the least the state could with the idea of hunting and fishing....well people take exception to that....why I do not understand...HELLO we are in is a way of life here!!! For some people it is the ONLY way they get any sort of meat for the long winter months....they hunt deer, caribou, moose, elk, they hunt for FOOD....its not a sport, it is a necessity to survive here in Alaska....I have family that Hunts....We Fish!! because it is a subsistence for us....and honestly for some in my family it is for their survival....because if they did not have the deer and fish in their freezer they would not eat during the winter....nope they cannot afford to go to the grocery store and pay the HIGH prices for meat....they stock up when it is hunting and fishing season because it is a Necessity.....Yes I know she was the governor and why on earth would she hunt when she could have had a personal chef...oh yeah that's right she cut him loose, because it was a luxury that was unnecessary....she would hunt to help her family get meat for the winter, and omg....give to those in need!?!?! wow what a selfish biotch she is!!! I mean really.....give to those less fortunate????? the biotch!!! She has 5 kids....well nothing really to say on that other than....THANK GOD someone else does too!!!!!!! LOL but really the thing that irks me to no end is how because she does not stay at home with her kids that she is a bad parent!!! Now come on.....seriously?!? your gonna go there?!?!? Yup they did go there....well if having kids and a career is a bad thing, then all you woman out there that think its totally her putting her career before her kids better be ready for some harsh words!!! I am not a career woman, and honestly after all of these years of being a "mom" I have never been so ashamed to be a is a woman with the chance to be the very first VP of America, and all some can do is bash her for "not putting her family first"!!! are you in their marriage? were you there when Todd and Sarah discussed this? I think not, so you know maybe he is more than ready to be the VP's guy...I mean he is already the first dude of the state of Alaska...why not be the Vice president's first dude?! I for one can say that if she does make it in, I am so happy that my girls will get to see a WOMAN in such a high ranking place in this Government of ours!! and maybe it will just make them think....damn if Sarah from Alaska can be the vice president....then why can't I!!!! and all you naysayers out there.....why can't one of my daughter's be the next woman vp!!!?? I mean just because you have kids does not make you any less of a person.....shouldn't limit you on what you can do with your on to the 17 year old daughter being pg...OMFG!!! how dare the mother of that girl dare to want to be the veep!!! I mean she cannot even take care of her own home, how in the hell is she supposed to take care of the USA!?!?! is that how it goes?! I am going out on a limb here w/speaking that trash...because I cannot believe that people are actually saying this shit!!! Life happens, you cannot control every move your child makes!! you are not there with them every second of the day, and the best you can do is to teach your child to abstain from having sex, because that is the ONLY fool proof way of your dd not ending up pg!! because even if you gave them BC pills they are not 100% effective!! have you read the label lately? so teaching your child abstinence is a good thing....and 99.9% of the time they are not going to listen to hope and pray they will....but teenagers usually don't...did YOU listen to everything your parents told you....did you abstain?! I in my total naive mom status thought sure my kid would never do this....I taught her better than that, I told her to wait for the RIGHT guy, and thought I had done it....only to have my world shattered that she DID NOT wait for the Right about a slap in the face......thank god she did not end up pg with the loser guy she chose......but I can tell you from experience that just because you say so, it isn't always so!!! So for those that are out there bashing on her for not teaching her daughter to wait....shame on you....those of you without sin, or faulty parenting practices please feel free to cast the first stone....I can't throw stones....I am a faulty parent too!!! there...I had to get this off my chest....I have in the last week heard too much for me to keep my mouth shut...and had to get it out of my system.....before I exploded!! LOL

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gotta say one thing...........

Woman from Alaska have some balls!!!

Go Palin!!! and wear the lipstick proud you pitbull you!!!

Don't mess with the best or you will lose like the rest!!!