Monday, September 15, 2008

I guess I will never understand


or husbands. I guess men in a lot of ways....why is it so hard to be happy? why can you admit when you are not happy!?! why can you not own up to it? you just say "I never said I wasn't happy" but then all your actions, speak and such say it all too clearly!!! but you expect everyone to just accept that you are happy and go lucky and just plain over the moon....when you are clearly NOT.

I guess I just do not understand....they say men don't understand woman...well that works both dh and I do have a good marriage, but there are times when I just do not understand the work he is completely different.....seems personable, nice, pleasant, understanding and omg happy!!! BUT when he walks thru that door it is something completely different, he turns into the 'not happy guy' that we know and not love so much....the running joke (I know not mature at all) we have is "he gets paid to be concerned and nice at work, so thats why he does it!! LOL yeah that does not go over well, but at this point in time, honestly I am at a loss as to what to do with him....because he is a far cry from the man I married.....but I am not giving up on him don't get me wrong......I just want to know the inner workings of the male mind!!! not that that will help me in the least!!!

I just had to get this out, and that is what my blog was for, getting out the frustrations of living on an island in Alaska.....and this is a big frustration right now.......any ideas out there?


Minxy Mimi said...

Is this fairly recent? Do you think it may be because Raeme is gone and he does not know how to express himself? Maybe its hard for him to deal with his feeling about her leaving.

Otherwise men are just wierd sometimes. They do not want to tell their feelings and seem weak. Sometimes I have to drag things out of Bradd and it drives me crazy, because he always feels better when he gets things out. I hope it gets better.

Susan said...

Hey, if you ever figure men out, please share the wealth!

Anonymous said...

nicely put susan. Sadly I have to say most men are like this and my partner of 9 years, is like this more oftern then not at present. I think its male menopause or Pmt. But then I guess he lives in a household of 5 females so Pmt would rub off on him after all this time. But seriously I dont know why, but it does my head in, and I want to scream with frustration at times.

Minxy Mimi said...

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