Saturday, August 2, 2008


not a very "come and read type of title" but....that is how I feel right now!!! I am so dreading the experience!!! the thought of going into a small tube that makes these obnoxious thumps for any amount of time is just unbearable!!! I get all out of sorts just thinking about it....I am so not ready for this.....I have known since Wednesday that I am getting one....not much time to prepare....but.....I am trying so hard to be positive about it... you know like, we will finally KNOW what is going on with my back......but at the same time the thought of being in a teeny tiny tube enclosed with loud ass thumps making their lovely noises all around me....just makes me want to puke!!! the last time I had one was 5 years ago....and I had two done in the same year...the first one was pure HELL and the second one was not so bad.....BUT.....I was drugged up at the time because my lovely 5 year old daughter blew my disc from approx 3mm to a whopping 11mm on the last push to get her out.....I know it has to be done, and that I will know what is going on when it finally does get done.....but that still does not erase the fact that I cannot handle small tight spaces.....I am doing OK as of now....but come Sunday evening and Monday morning I so will not be doing OK....that is a fact I do know!!! anyone got any tips out there as to how to keep myself cool calm and collected!?!? because any advice would be appreciated....otherwise on national news tickers you will see "woman arrested for going ballistic in a hospital in Alaska"....j/k I think!!!


Minxy Mimi said...

Good Luck today Wendi!!! I would be nervous as well!

Keb-o-Mania said...

I'm a little late chiming in here - how'd it go? Treat yourself to a drink and tell that husband of yours to surprise you with something nice.

Anonymous said...

Wendi you're doing far better than me. I actually chickened out on mine and decided to suffer.