Thursday, July 31, 2008

Jr high anyone?

"a mommy board"

Honestly......sometimes that's what it is.....jr high coming back into your life and rearing its ugly I thought that was left years and years ago.....the whole "well she said....." and the "well she did this first....." really reminds me of jr high and quite frankly my 10 year old daughter and her friends!!! come on people we are grown women with children!!!!! the catty, behind the back, BS that comes about is totally should be able to speak your mind without fear of being "deleted" or "admonished" for hurting someones feelings....if you don't agree with things most will just sit back and go with the flow...because they are afraid of stepping on any ones toes....I often they do that in real life much does their "Internet" life differ from their "real" they just let people walk all over them in their real life, or do the stand up for themselves and what they believe in?

I am known for speaking my mind....I do it in my Internet life and my real is just me...and if people don't like me then OMG I am not going to shrivel up and die because so and so does not like me...I could care is too short to worry about what others think of you, the only people that I worry about what they think is my mother and father, my husband and kids....because honestly in the end they are what matters most!!! friends can come and go but family is family and they are always can fight and argue and say some pretty ugly things and in the find your way back to each other....(disclaimer at least it is that way in my family!!!) because you are FAMILY....I have a couple of close internet friends....they are two of the best girls you would ever want to meet!!! one is quiet at times but then she will go and do something totally crazy and off the wall that just makes you love her more!!! (ahem ar's unmentionables) especially when she has some brownies in her system!!! the other one is loud like me....she will tell you like it is in a "tactful" sort of way (so not like me) we have differing opinions on things and can debate things til we are blue in the face and in the end agree to disagree and still be the best of friends.....omg what a concept!!!!!!

I know one day I will meet these two ladies and it will not be awkward or weird, we have told each other some of the most private things you can tell another person, and we are so there for each other.....I know I would absolutely die without them in my life....if anything these two have been the constant in my life for almost 4 years now (OMG!!!) it goes to show you that even though mommy boards can be quite jr highish at times.....that some of the best friendships can come from such a place......and for that....I will be forever grateful for the drama filled mommy board I belong too!!!


Moo said...

I love you Wendi.. and OMG You mentioned the unmentionables in your blog!!!! Now I know for sure we are REAL friends LOL


Minxy Mimi said...

AWWWW... I know I am the loud, but tactful one mentioned here!!! Yes, our mommy board is like Jr High sometimes and yes sometimes its frustrates the heck out of me. I am a huge believer in speaking my mind and I do try to be ever so tactful! I am very thankful, however that it (mommy board) brought me you and Moo. You two are some of the most constant friends I have, always there, always willing to listen and always willing to tell me how wrong I am! LOL and yes, we disagree on some of the most major things, things that would tear other friends, or so-called friends apart. We got the real thing baby, and I will not let anything come between us (even some unmentionables) Even my hubby asks about you two! Love ya Wendi

Wendi said...

I figured AR's unmentionables would do the trick!!! LMAO!!!

so now it is forever in my blog, and you know how much I love ya moo!!!

and mimi my hubby does the same thing....always asks how my two girls are doing....and said no prob to the cop car thing!!! LMAO

Minxy Mimi said...

YAY Bruce!!! Moo is the mooner tho, not me~