Tuesday, November 18, 2008

How much are you willing to spend on a pet?

I ask this because our "little girl" Tee wee is in the doggy hospital right now....she had a seizure and honestly I thought she was going to was awful!!! we took her to the vet and she was really dehydrated and had an in went the IV fluids and antibiotics....he said that it should help her white cell count to come down, and her red cell count to come up....well that didn't, it has been determined that she will need a hysterectomy done....and the other choice.....she will die....

yeah tough choice there.....for some maybe....but for was a no brainer!! she is our little itty bitty girl and if this is going to save her life then we HAVE to do it. she is Madisyn's dog, and with losing her Uncle just a few weeks ago, I could not let her dog die too.....that is just way too much for a 10 year old to handle imo.

so, the grand total for the dog.....$2021.00 dollars!!!!!!!!! yes you read that right.....two grand to save her life.....some think we are nuts for doing it for "just a dog" but she is not just a dog, she is a member of the family, and well as I stated to people, "you would do anything for your child wouldn't you?! well to US she is our child, and we will do all we can to save her!!" of course some have said, it is so not the same....but to each their own....I could not in my heart of hearts let the dog die!!! no way, could I live with myself knowing I did not do everything I could to save her. As my dad said, its only money....and if it makes your daughter smile with happiness because you cared enough to save her dog, then DO IT!! LOL

If there were any doubts at all my DH said that when he went in the last time to see her before he left, her looking at him the way she did was all he needed to know he was doing the right thing!!! He is such a good man!!! and I knew there was a reason I married him!!!


Minxy Mimi said...

For me, I would pay whatever I had to spare my pet pain and suffering. Your hubby is awesome! I hope doggie is feeling better.

Charming Lamb said...

I would have done it too!

Hell, we paid $1100 for our dog and $700 each for two of our cats. We're already insane! LOL