Monday, October 13, 2008

Life with kids

We all know how that goes for the most part....but let me tell you this much....when you have kids in every type of school setting they bring home every type of germ, bug and everything imaginable!!!

My kids come home with a cough...ok we try to take care of gets worse, and me being the mom I have to take care of them. Well low and behold *I* get immune system is so low that everything they bring home I get!!!!

17 DAYS!!! yes you read that right...17 days of being sick. Talk about "no picnic" it sucked big time!!! seriously day out of the 17 I actually managed to feel "ok" but other than sucked!

so I think someone needs to invent a "sanitizing" sprayer that automatically kills any germ, bug or viral thing your kids attempt to bring home from preschool, elementary school and jr high!!! something that sprays as soon as they open the door!! LOL

until that day....Lysol, purell, Clorox wipes and all the other germ killing stuff will have to do!!! although...*I* think they don't do crap!!!

so that is where I have been, and why I have not posted in awhile.....not that anyone missed me!! ha ha....


Minxy Mimi said...

Welcome back to the world!
I am glad you have returned to slay dragons!
I also believe those sanitizing things don't work... sometimes they just get sick no matter what you do. I hope that's it for you guys for awhile.