Tuesday, February 24, 2009

smile and wave boys, smile and wave

WHO KNEW the penguins would have the perfect analogy for things!!! LOL!!! I come from a family of Dems.....who turned their kids into republicans!!! LOL, mom despises the fact that 4 of her 5 kids are gulp OMG republicans!!! the 5th, well we don't know about him because he just votes to vote, and really does not take sides.....he is a close your eyes and vote type of guy......but that is my brother, votes in local elections because he liked their name or whatever.....anyway........yes it was assumed by my other brother, that *I* in fact was "gotten too" and voted end of the phone conversation went DEAD silent.....and he was like are you still there?!?! and I said, tell me YOU did not just accuse me of voting Democratic!!? he said oh out of all of us, I thought you were the most likely to get "shown the light" LMAO!!! I was like did you not grow up with me!?! do you not know who I am!!!??? OMG I cannot believe you would think that!!! he was like whew......good to know!! ha ha

yes, my parents, my aunts and uncles (except one) are all dems....every last one of life at our family gatherings is well lets say.......a sight to behold!!! I made the mistake of mentioning something about politics at my son's 3rd birthday...and BOY OH BOY it was not good, I was accused of being a complete moron by my father!!! I was being ganged up on, and I called my husband in for back up!!! LOL so it was me, dh and my uncle against the rest of them!!! lets just say it was a memorable party!!! so how could I possibly become a republican it was asked.....

and I simply views are just that.....MY VIEWS!!! I made my own choice.....I made the decision of who I should vote for....not anyone else!!! and if MY views do not go along with yours, well then sorry but I don't agree!!!! and we should agree to disagree!!! LOL like that would ever happen in my outspoken family!!!!

so I firmly believe the Penguins have it right.....the new motto of my life is "smile and wave, boys, smile and wave"!!! I don't always follow it, works


Minxy Mimi said...

Agree to disagree is a great thing to do. No-one can change your mind and no-one should call you stupid for believing as you do. I am of course a Dem and proud of it, but I would never call my Republican friends names, or anyone for that matter. As long as you are informed and do the research, thats the important thing.

Anonymous said...

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