Tuesday, June 3, 2008

conforming to the rules?

Life in general has rules....well more like guidelines I guess.....that you are expected to follow by at be PC in most you find that at times you so do not want to be PC? that you would rather just tell it like it is, and let people know what you really feel? I know there are times that you do, and you really feel better, and there is no looking back, because it was the RIGHT thing to do....but what about the times when you REALLY REALLY want to, but know in your heart of hearts no good would come of it. what do you do then? are you one to keep your mouth shut, and move on, or do you stew in it and let it fester until it comes out in one fail swoop? or just end up biting the bullet and saying what you feel no matter the consequences?

I am in the position right now, I know no good would come of me saying what I would love to...It may make me feel better for the moment, but the ramifications would be mind blowing!!! Life altering, and possible loss of income and that is what makes me stfu, and not say a word....

I can be the bigger person and walk on the higher plane....but man I tell gets HARD sometimes!!! damn hard!!!


Jessica said...

I understand Wendi. It takes a lot in me to stfu, and just let it go.