Tuesday, October 21, 2008

suddenly single w/4 kids.....

yeah you read that right....single with 4 kids.....LOL dh is gone yet again this week....and I have to honestly truly sucks being a single parent....even if it is just for a week and not permanent. Can you say.....NO EARS!!! I swear as soon as their father leaves...their ears go with him out the door!!! I do not know how many times in the past 2 days I have said things over and over and over again to gets OLD real fast!!!

I am not the push over one either....LOL you would think they would know that by now!! so fine, you don't want to listen...well, no computer time, no girl scouts this week, and bed time is earlier!!! "what, why, your so mean!! if dad was here he would.........." he would what? let you get away with everything?!? well guess what your dad is not here *I* am!! LOL the looks on their faces is quite priceless.....yeah mean mom is here!!!

I often wonder if the way I parent is I doing the right thing by grounding them restricting their activities if they do not pull the grades *we* expect vs the schools lame C average thing....I question myself like any other normal parent does...but....then I look at my College girl and think....yeah we did good!!! we did something right, because no matter how much we grounded her restricted her activities for purely stupid ass reasons (in her eyes) she is doing quite well on her own, taking her studying seriously, and doing a find job!!!

so in the end....if I get the "I hate you mom. or the your so mean mom" I can smile and know....that someday...they will understand...and appreciate that even though there were consequences to their actions, that *I* did do what was best for them.....because I can now reap the benefits of that from the 18 year old....

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Politics can bring out the "ugly" in people

at least in my humble opinion.....I try so hard to not talk politics....because not everyone sees my point of view.....especially within my own family....I am the black sheep....well my sister and I are the black sheep....I get tired of being pegged as an oil loving, tree hating, environmental despising, SOB because of my 'political affiliation'....just as I am sure the other side has theirs....

But what I despise the most is, those that will not open their minds up to the other sides POV...I have researched the other side, and done my homework, and yet I still cannot vote the other guy.....I just can't.....I thank god everyday that my husband is on my side with this and will voice his opinion when I am being attacked for my beliefs within my own family....He and my uncle have my back!!! in this lonely world of us vs them with in our family....I am always singled out as the "idiot" who cannot possibly have the brains to function, let alone make an informed decision!! parents are that extreme....we have gotten into many heated debates on this, the last was on my son's birthday!!! and I let them have it...yes I know you are supposed to respect your parents, but man.....the stuff that was coming out of their mouths to their daughter was just enough to make me HAVE to say my peace!!! and I am the type of person that does let people have it...sometimes with tact and sometimes without....I just don't see a reason to pussy foot around things, and just sugar coat things so you don't hurt someones feelings....I just don't....what does that get you in the end...walked all over, and used....

I have learned to stand up for myself and my beliefs, I have learned to listen to the other side and learned to walk away and agree to disagree on things....the biggest thing I have learned is this........

"smile and wave boys, smile and wave!!"

that has got to be the best piece of advice EVER!!! that and "its not that I forget, its just that I don't' care" or "sorry my give a damn broke, please try again later"

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

"words fail me" :o)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

What the Helga is wrong with some people?

Seriously!?! I am do what THEY suggested for someone to do, and then bam they treat you like you are a traitor, and well whatever comes across their mind......because honestly I do not get their mind!! I cannot possibly wrap my mind around are a so called friend and yet you treat people like shit, and expect them to take it forever!?! well I guess in "their world" that's OK....but here in the real world its not!!! Internet friends are REAL friends!!! I have Internet friends and 5 of them I have become really close with.......I know for a fact that we would do just about anything for each other and have!!! be it moral support, or a monetary donation, or to just be a phone call away....isn't that the definition of "friendship"?

So we go to a mommy board and post "fluff' so the eff what!! our fluff means something to us, we are not immune to it!! we actually relish in it, and WANT to know what is going on in each and every ones lives....even if it is something like my dd pooped in the potty, all the way to I am battling a disease.....we WANT to be there for each other....and what is so damn wrong in their eyes for a place to be continued so WE that want that type of "home" can go and continue on....

I guess I just don't get it and never will!!! As petty as it is now to be banned from a place where you made some other friends, life will go on and *I* will continue to live it MY way, and really to hell with those that want to remain in jr high for the rest of their lives.....

Monday, October 13, 2008

Life with kids

We all know how that goes for the most part....but let me tell you this much....when you have kids in every type of school setting they bring home every type of germ, bug and everything imaginable!!!

My kids come home with a cough...ok we try to take care of gets worse, and me being the mom I have to take care of them. Well low and behold *I* get immune system is so low that everything they bring home I get!!!!

17 DAYS!!! yes you read that right...17 days of being sick. Talk about "no picnic" it sucked big time!!! seriously day out of the 17 I actually managed to feel "ok" but other than sucked!

so I think someone needs to invent a "sanitizing" sprayer that automatically kills any germ, bug or viral thing your kids attempt to bring home from preschool, elementary school and jr high!!! something that sprays as soon as they open the door!! LOL

until that day....Lysol, purell, Clorox wipes and all the other germ killing stuff will have to do!!! although...*I* think they don't do crap!!!

so that is where I have been, and why I have not posted in awhile.....not that anyone missed me!! ha ha....